Congratulations to the 2016 Hunting Moon Pow Wow winners!

Junior Girls’ Traditional

1st Place: Kaylen Topsky
2nd Place: Neena Lasley
3rd Place: Sharal One Pennie
4th Place: Elicia Leonard
5th Place: Amari Funmaker

Junior Girls’ Jingle

1st Place: Kitahna Silas
2nd Place: Meah Bird
3rd Place: Wassaygahming Williams
4th Place: Sophia Ford
5th Place: Addyson White

Junior Girls’ Fancy

1st Place: Micayla Silas
2nd Place: Wakinyela Clairmont
3rd Place: Red Star Cavanaugh
4th Place: Rayanna Bird
5th Place: Lennyn Paskemin

Junior Boys' Traditional

1st Place: Lennoxl Lasley
2nd Place: Guppy Benton
3rd Place: Keney Awonohopay
4th Place: Gene Nyte Whitecloud
5th Place: Aison Funmaker

Junior Boys' Grass

1st Place: Chaske Jacobs
2nd Place: Bodie Nordwall
3rd Place: Deo Topsky
4th Place: Loren Sanapaw
5th Place: Lincoln Cleveland

Junior Boys' Fancy

1st Place: Jaymison Hill
2nd Place: Levi Cleveland
3rd Place: Buster Cleveland
4th Place: Aydrian Day
5th Place: Adlai Cleveland

Teen Girls' Traditional

1st Place: Nichole Nordwall
2nd Place: Taylor Clairmont
3rd Place: Alexa Gabbard
4th Place: Catherine Howell
5th Place: Aerius Benton

Teen Girls' Jingle

1st Place: Diana Sanapaw
2nd Place: Adriana Douglas
3rd Place: Jonna Grace Brady
4th Place: Maya Schuyler
5th Place: Dajia Shinos

Teen Girls' Fancy

1st Place: Malia Jacobs
2nd Place: Hozhoni Whitecloud
3rd Place: Eahtosh Bird
4th Place: Anntaya White
5th Place: Emaree Jayne Iron Hawk

Teen Boys' Traditional

1st Place: Bobby Mo
2nd Place: Lincoln Kingbird
3rd Place: Zack Antoine-Jackson
4th Place: Brevin Boyd
5th Place: Brycen Whiteshirt

Teen Boys' Grass

1st Place: Therien Paskemin
2nd Place: Sednick Hindsley
3rd Place: JT Largo
4th Place: Miisheen-Meegwun Shawanda
5th Place: Jenmee Bondy

Teen Boys' Fancy

1st Place: David Cleveland
2nd Place: Delano Cleveland
3rd Place: Wayne Silas III
4th Place: Quentin Cleveland
5th Place: Ascension I Harjo

Adult Women's Traditional

1st Place: Randi Bird
2nd Place: Cheyenne Brady
3rd Place: Jacinta Tsosie
4th Place: Bianca Whitecloud
5th Place: Charish Toehay

Adult Women's Jingle

1st Place: Ryanne White
2nd Place: Rena Bella Nevaquaya
3rd Place: Ayashay Schuyler
4th Place: Stephanie Nordwall
5th Place: Marcie Meguinis

Adult Women's Fancy

1st Place: Jocy Bird
2nd Place: Amber Cleveland
3rd Place: Laryn Oakes
4th Place: Brennah Wahweotten
5th Place: Shaylynn Bird

Adult Men's Traditional

1st Place: Wendall Powless
2nd Place: Craig Merrick
3rd Place: Brand White Eyes
4th Place: Joseph Big Mountain
5th Place: Kiowa Cozad

Adult Men's Grass

1st Place: Trae Littlesky
2nd Place: Jon Taken Alive
3rd Place: Wanbli Charging Eagle
4th Place: Joel Omeasoo
5th Place: Rooster Topsky

Adult Men's Fancy

1st Place: Darrell Hill
2nd Place: Canku One Star
3rd Place: Nigel Schuyler
4th Place: Terrance Cleveland
5th Place: Marquel Crawford

Senior Women's Traditional

1st Place: Tosha Goodwill
2nd Place: Danita Goodwill
3rd Place: Shelley Eagleman-Bointy
4th Place: Kristol Abel
5th Place: Brigitte Morris

Senior Women's jingle

1st Place: Cassie Lasley
2nd Place: Grace Pushetonequa
3rd Place: Dionne Jacobs
4th Place: Maureen Perkins
5th Place: Henrietta McGurk

Senior Women's Fancy

1st Place: Tanski Clairmont
2nd Place: Nahmi Lasley
3rd Place: Verna Street
4th Place: Rose Track
5th Place: Kellie Le Beau

Senior Men's Traditional

1st Place: Chaske Lablanc
2nd Place: Kevin Haywane
3rd Place: Lonny Street
4th Place: Reuben Crowfeather
5th Place: Tony Wahweotten

Senior Men's Grass

1st Place: Randall Paskemin
2nd Place: Clifton Goodwill
3rd Place: Adam Nordwall
4th Place: James Day
5th Place: Russell Youngbird

Senior Men's Fancy

1st Place: Wayne Silas Jr.
2nd Place: Jason Whitehouse
3rd Place: Clayton Crawford
4th Place: Aidrian Harjo
5th Place: Randy White

Golden Age Women

1st Place: Annamae Pushetonequa
2nd Place: Becky Hawpetoss
3rd Place: Carmen Clairmont
4th Place: Patricia Eagleman
5th Place: Mary Olsen

Golden Age Men

1st Place: Royce Kingbird
2nd Place: Lewis Cozad
3rd Place: Joe Bointy
4th Place: Paul Cloud
5th Place: Gard Medicine

Men's Woodland Style Special

1st Place: Shane Mitchell
2nd Place: Peter Powless
3rd Place: Noodin Niimebin Shawanda
4th Place: Ryan Gustafson
5th Place: Drayton Roberts

Women's "Old Time" Scrub Special

1st Place: Jamie Awonohopay
2nd Place: Arianna Greencrow
3rd Place: Rebecca Miller
4th Place: Tracy Pecore
5th Place: Rochelle Mann