Congratulations to the 2015 Hunting Moon Pow Wow winners!

Junior Girls’ Traditional

First Place: Reyna Prescott, WI
Second Place: Abigayle House, WI
Third Place: Liliana Mars, RI
Fourth Place: Aaliyah Begay, IL
Fifth Place: Kamylle Nez, UT

Junior Girls’ Jingle

First Place: Breanna Nez, UT
Second Place: Kitahna Silas, WI
Third Place: Meah Bird, SD
Fourth Place: Acadia Solomon, ONT
Fifth Place: Penelope Petes, WI

Junior Girls’ Fancy

First Place: Micayla Silas, WI
Second Place: Wakinyela Clairmont, CO
Third Place: Redstar Whitetemple, MN
Fourth Place: Kaliyah Bear, WI
Fifth Place: Jaysa Rasmussen, WI

Junior Boys' Fancy

First Place: Buster Cleveland, WI
Second Place: Jaymison Hill, IA
Third Place: Adlai Cleveland, WI
Fourth Place: Levi Cleveland, WI
Fifth Place: Geno Yellow-Bird White Cloud, WI

Junior Boys' Grass

First Place: Chaske Jacobs, WI
Second Place: Lennox Lasley, WI
Third Place: Quincy Antoine-Jackson, MI
Fourth Place: Loren Sanapaw, WI
Fifth Place: Payton Roberts, KS

Junior Boys' Traditional

First Place: Aison Funmaker, WI
Second Place: Elijah Bear Leonard, WI
Third Place: Bodie Nordwall. OK
Fourth Place: Little Bird Benton, WI
Fifth Place: Raymond Begay, IL

Teen Girls' Fancy

First Place: Malia Jacobs, WI
Second Place: Shelby Snider, UT
Third Place: Hozhoni White Cloud, WI
Fourth Place: Diana Sanapaw, WI
Fifth Place: Alaska Salter, ONT

Teen Girls' Jingle

First Place: Dajla Shinos, MI
Second Place: A J Douglas, ONT
Third Place: Tiana Shocko, MI
Fourth Place: Maya Schuyler, MI
Fifth Place: Coral Benton, WI

Teen Girls' Traditional

First Place: Aerius Benton, WI
Second Place: Taylor Clarimont, MN
Third Place: Nichole Nordwall, OK
Fourth Place: Gabriella Brinegar, WI
Fifth Place: Joleece Pecore, WI

Teen Boys' Traditional

First Place: Zackary Antoine-Jackson, MI
Second Place: Brevin Boyd, WI
Third Place: Zach Wahweotten, KS
Fourth Place: Bobby Mo, WI
Fifth Place: Brycen Whiteshirt, KS

Teen Boys' Grass

First Place: Therian Paskemin, UT
Second Place: Misun Mills, SD
Third Place: Chayton Hedgepath, MI
Fourth Place: Jenmee Bondy, ONT
Fifth Place: Miishen-Meegwun Shawanda, ONT

Teen Boys' Fancy

First Place: Delano Cleveland, WI
Second Place: David Cleveland, WI
Third Place: Quentin Cleveland, WI
Fourth Place: Xavier Toehay, OK

Adult Women's Traditional

First Place: Tosha Spotted Tail, SD
Second Place: Arianna Green Crow, WI
Third Place: Charish Toehay, OK
Fourth Place: Jacinta Tsosie, AZ
Fifth Place: Jancita Warrington, KS

Adult Women's Jingle

First Place: Grace Pushetonequa, IA
Second Place: Cassie Lasley, WI
Third Place: Joey Bird, SD
Fourth Place: Mallory Oakes, CAN
Fifth Place: Dionne Jacobs, WI

Adult Women's Fancy

First Place: Tanksi Clairmont, CO
Second Place: Verna Street, NC
Third Place: Beedoskah Stonefish, MI
Fourth Place: Naomi Nevaquaya, KS
Fifth Place: Breenah Wahweotten, KS

Adult Men's Traditional

First Place: Dana Warrington, WI
Second Place: Wendall Powless, WI
Third Place: Shane Mitchell, WI
Fourth Place: Joe Syrette, MI
Fifth Place: John Richard, SD

Adult Men's Grass

First Place: Trae Little Sky, SD
Second Place: Wanbli Charging Eagle, WI
Third Place: Adam Nordwall, OK
Fourth Place: Jon Taken Alive, SD
Fifth Place: Brian Thunder, WI

Adult Men's Fancy

First Place: Darrell Hill, IA
Second Place: Marquel Crawford, MI
Third Place: Canku One Star, SD
Fourth Place: Hunter Burridge, SD
Fifth Place: Albert King, WI

Senior Women's Traditional

First Place: Danita Goodwill, KS
Second Place: Angelina Hindsley, WI
Third Place: Becky Miller, WI
Fourth Place: Debbie Plain, ONT
Fifth Place: Bridget Morris, WI

Senior Women's jingle

First Place: Maureen Perkins, WI
Second Place: Glenda Begay, IL
Third Place: Michelle Reed, Wi
Fourth Place: Crystal Cleveland, WI
Fifth Place: Donna Lightning, ONT

Senior Women's Fancy

First Place: Kellie Lebeau, SD
Second Place: Lisa Ewack, CAN
Third Place: Crystal Cleveland, WI
Fourth Place: Michelle Eagleman-Bointy, KS
Fifth Place: Brenda Davis, MA

Senior Men's Traditional

First Place: Lonny Street, NC
Second Place: Tony Wahweotten, KS
Third Place: Jason Kingbird, IA
Fourth Place: Pete Powless, WI
Fifth Place: Waylon Gaddie, SD

Senior Men's Grass

First Place: Randall Daskemin, UT
Second Place: Clifton Goodwill, KS
Third Place: Michael Davis, MN
Fourth Place: Ronald Preston, WI
Fifth Place: Dennis Nevaquaya, WI

Senior Men's Fancy

First Place: Wayne Silas, WI
Second Place: Clayton Crawford, MN
Third Place: Tommie Snowball, NB
Fourth Place: Joe Bointy, KS
Fifth Place: Lance Kelley, WI

Golden Age Women

First Place: Patricia Eagleman, WI
Second Place: Carmen Clairmont, CO
Third Place: Virgie Tsosie, AZ
Fourth Place: Madelynn Goodwill, SD
Fifth Place: Charlene Cozad, OK

Golden Age Men

First Place: Royce Kingbird, MN
Second Place: Pat Cloud, WI
Third Place: Raymond Cadatte, MI
Fourth Place: Robin Carufel, WI
Fifth Place: Ejay Smith, MN

Men's Woodland Style Special

First Place: Noodin Niimebin Shawanda , ONT
Second Place: Dana Washington, WI
Third Place: Pete Powless, WI
Fourth Place: Shane Mitchell, WI

Women's "Old Time" Scrub Special

First Place: Tracy Pecore, WI
Second Place: Jancita Warrington, KS
Third Place: Becky Miller, WI
Fourth Place: Angela Hindsley, WI

Youth Drum

First Place: Rizing Bear (pictured)
Second Place: Ho Chunk Station
Third Place: Midnight Riderz

Adult Drum

First Place: Smokey Town (pictured)
Second Place: Iron Boy
Third Place: Southern Boyz
Fourth Place: Charging Horse
Fifth Place: Cozad