Congratulations to the 2014 Hunting Moon Celebration winners!

Junior Girls’ Traditional


First Place: Joleece Pecore, Stevens Point, WI
Second Place: Maddy Douglas, Ontario, Canada
Third Place: Nicole Nordwall, Fallon, NV
Fourth Place: Abigayle House, Wisconsin Dells, WI
Fifth Place: Aryana Robinson, Lansing, MI

Junior Girls’ Jingle                                     


First Place: Coral Benton, Hayward, WI
Second Place: Maicy King, Oneida, WI
Third Place: Sapphire Leblanc, Lac du Flambeau, WI
Fourth Place: Kitahna Silas, Oneida, WI
Fifth Place: Juniper Kewayosh-Deleary, Ontario, Canada

Junior Girls’ Fancy                                    


First Place: Wakinyela Clairmont, Lakewood, CO
Second Place: Micayla Silas, Oneida, WI
Third Place: Malia Jacobs, Oneida, WI
Fourth Place: Emaree Jane Iron Hawk, Eagle Butte, SD
Fifth Place: Red Star Cavanaugh, Minneapolis, MN

Junior Boys’ Fancy                                      


First Place: Buster Cleveland, Lyndon Station, WI
Second Place: Dawson Grignon, Keshena, WI
Third Place: Silas White Buffalo, Granite Falls, MN
Fourth Place: Levi Cleveland, Lyndon Station, WI
Fifth Place: Geno Whitecloud, La Crosse, WI

Junior Boys’ Grass                                     


First Place: Chaske Jacobs, Oneida, WI
Second Place: Hudson King, Oneida, WI
Third Place: Bodie Nordwall, Fallon, NV
Fourth Place: Muh-Juntheen Roberts, Atwood, OK
Fifth Place: Lennox Lasley, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Junior Boys’ Traditional                                      


First Place: Damon Scott Jr., Black River Falls, WI
Second Place: Guppy Benton, Lac Courte Oreilles, WI
Third Place: Elijah Bear Leonard, Baraboo, WI
Fourth Place: Raymond Begay, Chicago, IL
Fifth Place: Chadon Locklear, Pembroke, NC

Teen Girls’ Fancy                                          


First Place: Oke-Twisha Roberts, Atwood, OK
Second Place: Beedoskah Stonefish, Peshawbetown, MI
Third Place: Brennah Wahweotten, Mayetta, KS
Fourth Place: Vanessa Schocko, Peshawbetown, MI
Fifth Place: Alaska Salter, Ontario, Canada

Teen Girls’ Jingle                                       


First Place: Dajla Shinos, Mt. Pleasant, MI
Second Place: Waskwane Stonefish, Peshawbetown, MI
Third Place: Savaneh Phillips, South Hampton, NY
Fourth Place: Tiana Shocko, Peshawbetown, MI
Fifth Place: A J Douglas, Ontario, Canada

Teen Girls’ Traditional                                       


First Place: Taylor Clairmont, St. Paul, MN
Second Place: Aerius Benton, Hayward, WI
Third Place: Catherine Howell, Tecumseh, OK
Fourth Place: Tara Alexis Fiddler, Red Wing, MN
Fifth Place: Delicia Payer, Winnebago, Canada

Teen Boys’ Traditional      


First Place: Donovan Haury, Apache, OK
Second Place: Brevin Boyd, Crandon, WI
Third Place: Triston Lasley, Tama, IA
Fourth Place: Floyd King, Oneida, WI
Fifth Place: Bobby Mo, Lyndon Station, WI

Teen Boys’ Grass                                       


First Place: Therien Paskemin, West Valley, UT
Second Place: C J Lasley, Dearborn Height, MI
Third Place: Omashkoonce Santos, St. Paul, MN
Fourth Place: Casey Smith, Red Lake, MN
Fifth Place: Ashkii Kadenehii, Garden Grove, CA

Teen Boys’ Fancy                                       


First Place: David Cleveland, Lyndon Station, WI
Second Place: Sonny Means, Eagle Butte, SD
Third Place: Wayne Silas III, Oneida, WI
Fourth Place: Quentin Cleveland, Eau Claire, WI
Fifth Place: Zach Wahweotten, Mayetta, KS

Adult Women’s Traditional                                             


First Place: Alva Fiddler
Second Place: Arianna Greencrow
Third Place: Kristol Abel
Fourth Place: Cherish Toehay
Fifth Place: Jasmine Fiddler

Adult Women’s Jingle                                           


First Place: Grace Pushetonequa
Second Place: Cassie Lasley
Third Place: Tonia Jo Hall
Fourth Place: Rena Nevagua
Fifth Place: Celeste McGurk

Adult Women’s Fancy


First Place: Tanksi Clairmont
Second Place: Jocy Bird
Third Place: Nahmi Lasley
Fourth Place: Verna Street
Fifth Place: Rose Track

Adult Men’s Traditional


First Place: Joe Syrette
Second Place: Dana Warrington
Third Place: Reuben Crowfeather
Fourth Place: Michael Fish Jr.
Fifth Place: Shane Mitchell

Adult Men’s Grass                                      


First Place: Trae Little Sky, Sioux Falls, SD
Second Place: Clifton Cloud, Reserve, KS
Third Place: Wylie Bearstail, Bismarck, ND
Fourth Place: Adam Nordall, Fallon, NV
Fifth Place: Luke Cloud, Sisseton, SD

Adult Men’s Fancy                                      


First Place: Darrell Hill
Second Place: Spike Draper
Third Place: Terrance Cleveland
Fourth Place: Albert King Jr.
Fifth Place: Marquel Crawford

Senior Adult Women’s Traditional                                            


First Place: Danita Goodwill, Reserve, KS
Second Place: Angelina Hindsley, Wisconsin Dells, WI
Third Place: Rochelle Bull Head, Ft. Yates, ND
Fourth Place: Brigitte Morris, Lyndon Station, WI
Fifth Place: Deborah Plain, Ontario, Canada

Senior Adult Women’s Jingle                                          


First Place: Rowena Roberts, Atwood, OK
Second Place: Henrietta McGurk, Sacramento, CA
Third Place: Dianne Desrosiers, Browns Valley, MN
Fourth Place: Candice Johnson, Minneapolis, MN
Fifth Place: Vickie Hindsley, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Senior Women’s Fancy                                         


First Place: Kellie Lebeau, Eagle Butte, SD
Second Place: Lisa Ewack, Saskatchewan, Canada
Third Place: Shelley Bointy, Lawrence, KS
Fourth Place: Shirley Hill, Alberta, Canada
Fifth Place: Brenda Davis, Framingham, MA

Senior Men’s Traditional                                     


First Place: Lonny Street, Hollister, NC
Second Place: Chaske Lablanc, Lower Sioux, MN
Third Place: Tony Wahweotten, Mayetta, KS
Fourth Place: Terry Fiddler, Red Wing, MN
Fifth Place: B.J. Haury, Apache, OK

Senior Men’s Grass                                    


First Place: Randall Daskemin, West Valley, UT
Second Place: Michael Davis, Boston, MA
Third Place: Lakota Clairmont, Lakewood, CO
Fourth Place: Mike One Star, Two Strike, SD
Fifth Place: Ronald Preston, St. Francis, WI

Senior Men’s Fancy                                    


First Place: Wayne Silas Jr., Oneida, WI
Second Place: Dwight White Buffalo, Watonka, OK
Third Place: Clayton Crawford, Cass Lake, MN
Fourth Place: Joe Bointy, Lawrence, KS
Fifth Place: Mick Escamed, Oneida, WI

Golden Age Women                                               


First Place: Annamae Pushetonequa, Montour, IA
Second Place: Patricia Eagleman, Black River Falls, WI
Third Place: Carmen Clairmont, Lakewood, CO
Fourth Place: Madelynn Goodwill, Sioux Falls, SD
Fifth Place: Oralann Caldwell, Keshena, WI

Golden Age Men                                          


First Place: Royce Kingbird, Red Lake, MN
Second Place: Ronnie Ahboah, Anadarko, OK
Third Place: Paul Cloud, Baraboo, WI
Fourth Place: Mike King, Oneida, WI
Fifth Place: Ejay Smith, Walker, MN

Men's Woodland Style Special                                           


First Place: Shane Mitchell, Lac du Flambeau, WI
Second Place: Adam Nordall, Fallon, NV
Third Place: Pete Powless, Odanah, WI
Fourth Place: Vincent Bender, Odanah, WI 

Women's "Old Time" Scrub Special                                    


First Place: Angelina Hindsley, Wisconsin Dells, WI
Second Place: Jancita Warrington, Mayetta, KS
Third Place: Tracy Pecore, Stevens Point, WI
Fourth Place: Deborah Plain, Ontario, Canada


Youth Drum                                     


First Place: Tomahawk Special (shown)
Second Place: Young Eagle Bear
Third Place: Rizing Bear

Adult Drum                                                


First Place: Midnite Express (shown)
Second Place: Smokeytown
Third Place: Dakota Nation
Fourth Place: Iron Boy
Fifth Place: Battle River